CivRev Demo Announced; New Preview at 1UP

In this very exciting time leading up to Civilization Revolution's launch, there is even more good news: the demo is slated to be released this Thursday, June 5th, according to a Gamespot blog post. The demo, for both single player and multiplayer, will take up just over 1 GB of space, and will be available through Xbox Live and PlayStation Network (note: the European PSN version will be slightly delayed). Similar to Civ4's limited demo, the CivRev demo will allow you to play either as Rome, led by Julius Caesar, or Egypt, led by Cleopatra, up until the year 1250 AD. There will also be a tutorial. Be sure to read the Gamespot post for more details about specific timing and contents.

Additionally, there was a new preview today from 1UP focusing on the transition of the Civilization series to consoles.


Maybe most surprising is just how smoothly and intuitively the game runs with a console controller. All the default mappings make absolute sense, with nothing more than a button press or two away...Ten minutes into a game, you're never going to question whether turn-based strategy games can work on a console -- it's that well done.
The international release of Civilization Revolution is not too far off now!
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