CivRev Preview at PALGN and Wonders Page

Another new preview for Civilization Revolution was released today at PALGN, focusing on a wide variety of topics. Though the article lacks new details, it provides a good overview of the game. Below is an excerpt:

The game itself is turn based, but plays at a much faster pace, so you'll barely notice the brief moments where you have to wait for the AI to move around each map. There is no 'waiting period' when they take control, either; their moves are done very quickly and with no hesitation. We never found ourselves waiting for control again for longer than a couple of seconds.
Additionally, be sure to check out the new Wonders page, created just a few days ago, which contains a table of all the 21 wonders in the game, along with their images and benefits. The release of Civilization Revolution outside of America is not too far off!
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