CivRev Receives 8/10 and 9/10 in Reviews

Some gaming sites have published their graded reviews of Civilization Revolution in anticipation of its release, with Eurogamer and Gameplanet rating the game 8/10 and 9/10, respectively. These reports contain a good summary and breakdown of the game, its features, and the Civilization series overall. Here is how the Eurogamer review viewed CivRev:

This is easily one of the best strategy games on the current console generation, and much of that is specifically because it is a strategy game for console, not simply a PC strategy game on a console. I'd love for a great many people to play it, including those who've immediately decided they won't because it's about history and numbers.
Additionally, Gameplanet's review was slightly more positive, citing the following features as both good and bad:


Quick rounds, whimsical character animation, huge depth of play, multiple challenging ways to win, balanced combat, and they’ve actually succeeded in making it all easy to control.


Occasional graphical bugs, some questionable AI moves.

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