Colonization Modding Contest

Firaxis is sponsoring a modding contest for Civilization IV: Colonization that will run until December 17th, 2008. Individuals will be able to submit their creations to be judged by Firaxis in the hopes of winning some cool prizes! Here is some more information:

To give you an even bigger incentive, we will be giving away a brand new desktop computer and copies of Colonization (signed by the development team) to the winners of the contest. What we are looking for is simple: we want to see your best unique modification to the core game (no scenarios), in any of the following four categories:
* New In-Game Assets (art, including units, buildings, terrain sets, etc.)

* New Colonial Power/Civilizations

* Map Scripts (just a single .py file)

* Game Concept Changes (for example, adding specific artifacts for discovery)

The creator of the over-all winning Grand Prize entry will receive a desktop computer to show off to friends. In addition, the four runner-up submissions will receive a copy of Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: Colonization signed by the development team.

Keep in mind that this contest is for US-residents only. Firaxis has published more detailed rules regarding eligibility here. Good luck to all who enter! :goodjob:

>> Read more of the details of this contest

>> View the Colonization Creation & Customization forum

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