December 1st GOTM Saves are Available

Latest C3C and Civ4 GOTM Competitions have started!

right[/img]COTM43 is our quarterly special game; this month you’ll play a specially designed civ - Polynesia!! To replicate the ocean navigation skills of the Polynesians, all your ships are safe in Sea and Ocean. Will that be enough to overcome 15 SID level opponents? Only one way to find out - download and play it! :grinning: You will need to play in Civ3 Conquests with the last patch (1.22), but no other mods are required.

Civilization: Polynesia

Rivals: 15 pre-selected.

Barbarians: Raging

Difficulty: SID

Land Form: Archipelago, 80% ocean, Huge map.

Geology:3 billion years old, Wet and Warm.

AI Aggression: Normal

>> Visit the pre-game discussion thread

>> Go download the starting saves

Please pay attention to the special game features for COTM43 listed on the download page; there are several modifications that add or change features of the game.

In the Civ4 competition, GOTM25 will be played as Mali with Mansa Musa as the leader. You must play in Vanilla CIV with the latest patch (1.74) and the lastest HOF mod (1.74.001).

right[/img]Game settings:

Civilization: Mali (Leader: Mansa Musa; Traits: Financial, Spiritual)

Rivals: 4

Difficulty: Emperor

Map: Continents

Mapsize: Small

Climate: Cold

Water level: Hign

Starting Era: Ancient

Speed: Normal

Options: No Barbs

Victory Conditions: all enabled

>> Read the pre-game strategy discussion

>> Go download the starting saves

Good luck everyone!

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