Dennis Shirk Interview @ VG247

VG247 published an interview with Civilization V producer Dennis Shirk yesterday. In the interview, Dennis confirmed Civ5 will be exclusive to the PC platform and will not be ported to consoles:

Could we maybe see a Civilization V: Revolution? Will Civ V ever come to consoles?

The thing is, Civ V is a big sloppy kiss/love letter to our fan community. We want it to be for the hardcore. We want to make it as accessible as possible, but Civ Rev kind of took care of that route. It’s for the people who want the kind of Civ-lite [experience]. Civ V is for hardcore PC. We’re PC game makers for the most part, and like I said, we’ve gone into the console market for some stuff, but we’re gonna make PC games first for a long time.

He also talked about a new interesting strategic view for the first time:


One thing we didn’t even talk about in the demo is the strategy view. If you turn it on, it makes everything into a flat 2D hex grid – just like you’re playing a boardgame. Or, if you’re on a plane or something and you don’t want to worry about the high-end graphics, just turn on the grid and it’s totally playable on this 2D map. Like you’re playing Risk or something.
Other things mentioned include piracy, DRM choice, and strategy genre in general.

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