Early Reviews Give Colonization High Praise

Now that Civilization IV: Colonization has been released worldwide, final reviews are beginning to be published. Both IGN and Stuff.co.nz rated Colonization highly, giving it 8.7/10 and 4/4, respectively. Here's what they had to say:

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8.5: Presentation

Tremendously faithful to the original game’s design but unafraid to introduce changes and updates where appropriate.

8.0: Graphics

Very well designed across the board and full of interesting details. Some of the assets can tend to blend into the background a bit too much.

8.5: Sound

Great music that adds loads of atmosphere to the game. The sound effects are full of personality.

9.0: Gameplay

If you’re not scared off by the complexity, the design is endless fascinating. The interaction of the various elements reveals a keen sense of balance and consequence.

9.5: Lasting Appeal

With all the strategies you can employ and the variety of starting positions, there’s almost limitless opportunity for replay here.

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That you have a singular and overriding goal (Freedom with a capital F) is what keeps Colonization alive, and what makes it a worthwhile investment, not just for those looking to relive the good times they had back in '94, but for anyone on the look-out for a strategy game to seriously sink their teeth into.

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