Ex-Firaxians Branching Out: Oxide Games And Mohawk Games

In the past month, two new gaming studios have been founded by former Firaxis employees under the umbrella of Stardock; Mohawk Games and Oxide Games.

Oxide Games, whose focus is its ‘Nitrous’ 64-bit multi-core game engine, consists of Civilization V veterans Dan Baker, Tim Kipp, Marc Meyer and Brian ‘warpstorm’ Wade, alongside Stardock CEO Brad ‘draginol’ Wardell and art director Nathan Heazlett. Fall From Heaven creator Derek ‘Kael’ Paxton, now a vice president at Stardock, comments in the studio’s press release:


We see an enormous opportunity for developers with a 64-bit multicore engine ... With Nitrous, we’ll be able to have visuals and performance with a fidelity never seen before in a strategy game.

Mohawk Games, meanwhile, has been founded by Civilization IV lead designer and now studio CEO Soren Johnson, alongside Civilization V art director Dorian Newcomb, with Brad ‘draginol’ Wardell serving as studio president. The studio’s press release notes that it is ‘dedicated to building core strategy games’, and has begun work on its first title, using Oxide’s Nitrous engine.


Thanks to Nintz for the news tip. :grinning:

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