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Great news for FFH fans! PC.IGN has posted an interview with Kael about Fall from Heaven: Age of Ice, which is one of the scenarios/mods included in Civ4: Beyond the Sword. The interview talks about the story of the scenario, how the scenario got included in the expansion, differences from the regular Civ4 experience, new features such as active climate, the magic system, hero units, scenario objectives, changes from the current public version of FFH, Firaxis's role in the making of the scenario, why FFH is so popular, and more. Below is a quote:

How does Age of Ice differ from the basic Civ experience? What does it add to the game?

righthttp://www.civfanatics.com/gallery/files/1/ign_ffh02_thumb.jpg[/img]The focus of the game is more on individual units than in Civilization IV. Units gain more experience from combat, and the promotions they gain are more powerful. Unique hero units cannot be rebuilt if they die, making it dire when they are lost or rewarding to defeat the heroes of your enemies.

It is a brutal world and large portions of the map can’t be settled by any civilization, leading to large wild lands and limiting city sprawl. Players cannot afford to build huge stacks of units and must rely on smaller, more powerful groups to explore the wilderness and attack other civilizations.

righthttp://www.civfanatics.com/gallery/files/1/ign_ffh03_thumb.jpg[/img]As to what it adds, the scenario has several new features. One of my favorites is the active climate. Blizzards roll across the map from the west, damaging units, destroying improvements and changing the terrain. Tiles are affected by the blizzards and will begin to change from plains to tundra to snow based on how much snowfall they receive. Trees become covered in snow; lakes freeze over. And it’s more than just an art change. All but the heaviest units can travel over frozen lakes, so if blizzards do freeze a body of water, it may open up new areas to explore or new ways for the enemy to get to you.

Players also have the ability to affect the climate through their actions and events. Mountains block the blizzards, creating small habitable regions on their east side that become hotly contested city locations for all civilizations.

24 amazing screenshots from the Age of Ice scenario are included. Check them out!

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