Fallen Enchantress has been released!


Stardock has released Fallen Enchantress, a fantasy turn based strategy game that allows you to create or choose your sovereign and set out into a randomly generated RPG world to found an empire, train armies, fight tactical battles, recruit champions and cast spells.

Fallen Enchantress was designed by Fall from Heaven designer Derek “Kael” Paxton and features a scenario by Jon Shafer, the lead designer of Civilization V. Stardock’s focus on customization (allowing you create custom factions, sovereigns, units and maps with in game tools) and AI (the game gets better as you play, using the units you design in future games) and support for modding opens the game up to days, weeks and months of fun.

Checkout the Fallen Enchantress thread for screenshots, information and feedback.

Thanks to Kael for the info!

(click image for a full-screen wallpaper, hi-res version)

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