Firaxis Executive Producer Caudill on "Sid's Way"

right[/img]At a recent International Game Developers Association Leadership conference, Firaxis executive producer Barry Caudill delivered a speech on the defining characteristics and underlying philosophy of Firaxis' projects, including Sid Meier's role in guiding the design. Gamasutra has written an article explaining "Firaxis' Way," "Sid's Way," and what it's been like working under legend Sid Meier:

Sid's Way, the personal design ethic of Meier as an individual, is even more single-minded -- both literally and figuratively.
"There is absolutely no design document whatsoever" when it comes to Meier's work, Caudill said. "The game design document lives in Sid's brain. The publisher would say, 'Can we have the document?' and I'd say, 'Well, I'd have to chop Sid's head off.'"
As a result, Firaxis goes to great lengths to ensure the in-progress prototype is never broken, because when it is, it slows down Meier's ongoing design process, which proceeds at an uncommonly rapid pace.
"Sid absolutely works faster than anyone I've ever seen, anywhere," Caudill said.

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