Firaxis Programmers on Starting a Career

Two new Firaxis game programmers, Marek Vojtko and Eric Jordan, have published their thoughts on how to enter the gaming industry from a programmer's point of view. They offer their perspective on what languages to learn, how to take that first step, and how to impress potential businesses.

Much of what they say echoes Sid Meier’s thoughts from about a month ago. Here’s some of what they wrote:


One of the questions we're asked most frequently is: "What programming language do I need to learn to make games?" The answer can vary, however, the two languages game programmers agree you have to know are C and C++. Other languages may be used in specific cases, but C and C++ are universal.

C and C++ aren’t easy to learn if you’ve never programmed before. So, if you’re completely new to programming, or you have just started to write some code and want to build your skills, here are some other tools you can access that will help you learn the fundamentals and put you on the road to a career in game programming.

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