"For Completeness Sake": Win a Copy of 'CivIV: Complete' Signed by Sid Meier!

righthttp://civcomm.weplayciv.com/polycast/images/for_completeness_sake-contest.jpg[/img]PolyCast is giving away 25 copies of Civilization IV: Complete in conjunction with developer Firaxis. The title combines Civ4 and its two expansion packs Warlods and Beyond the Sword, and retails for US$39.99. Five of these copies include a special extra: the signature of Sid Meier.

Between December 1st-25th, 2009, complete the following sentence in response to this thread here on CivFanatics:

“Civilization IV makes my life complete by…”

The 25 most creative and constructive responses, across this as well as corresponding threads on Apolyton and WePlayCiv (reference #1/#2), will be selected to win its poster one of these copies – the top 5 to receive one with Sid’s signature on it. One entry per person; note that any responses that indicate they have been edited will not be considered. Further, if selected, one must respond with mailing address and phone number for delivery within the specified time period. The judging of these entries is being done by Daniel “DanQ” Quick, PolyCast’s owner and one of its regular co-hosts.

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