Former Civ2 Designer Reynolds Joins Zynga

Brian Reynolds, previously a designer for Firaxis Games and Big Huge Games and driving force behind titles such as Civ2, SMAC, Rise of Nations, and Age of Empires 3, was announced today as the Chief Designer for Zynga, a developer focusing on online games for social networking sites.

Reynolds will lead Zynga’s new Baltimore office, located near Firaxis’ headquarters in Hunt Valley, in developing new, undisclosed projects. While this move to an online-focused company may seem surprising, Reynolds was likely attracted by Zynga’s strategy focus:

According to Reynolds, “Zynga is one of the most dynamic companies that will have a profound impact on how people connect through games…I am thrilled to come on board at this exciting time in the company’s growth.” Business Wire has reported that Zynga has roughly 12 million daily users for its online games.

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