GameSpot Follows Suit, Posts Its Own New Preview

Joining IGN and the Escapist with their recent Civ5 previews is GameSpot, who published its latest article earlier today. The three page update includes a variety of screenshots from a gameplay session, as well as a video interview with Firaxis' Marketing Associate Pete Murray.

Civ V now has a handy pre-battle assessment system that lets you, as an attacker, mouse over a potential defender to see how a battle would stack up. If the comparison between your forces and the defenders suggests a decisive victory on your part, you may want to go full speed ahead. But, if you're looking at a potential stalemate or worse, you may instead want to hang back until you can bring in some support units.

In addition, invasions have become at least slightly tougher to pull off because cities now have automated defenses (regardless of whether they’re garrisoned with stationed units inside). If any hostile units are in range of a city, that city has the option to open fire on the enemy, and the city’s tech level, size, and garrison will affect how much firepower the city has to use. Mounting late-game invasions of heavily fortified cities will require a large, organized, powerful army that can sustain taking fire from whatever arrows, catapults, or cannon are installed at the target.

Thanks to karramba for the news tip (all the way from Syria)!

>> Read the full preview at GameSpot

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