Gamespot Releases 3 Gameplay Videos, Hands-On Multiplayer Preview

right[/img]A relatively detailed multiplayer-focused preview has been released by Gamespot, containing some info specifically about the multiplayer capabilities in Civilization IV: Colonization. While they played via a LAN, Gamespot confirmed that the game contains Hotseat, Play by Email, Internet, and Direct IP modes for play among up to 8 people, meaning two people can together control one colony.

This preview does delve into the game mechanics a fair bit, but it still highlights the multiplayer gameplay:


At the same time in the far north, another of our opponents, playing as the Dutch, was growing his holdings at a tremendous pace...However, we did commission a privateer unit to start raiding these wealthy Dutch ships for their goods...Utilizing privateers in multiplayer is a fun way to pester your opponents without entering a costly war...Early on it seems the best strategy is to offer open trade borders to your counterparts, even building an alliance when your king eventually sends its expeditionary force after you when you declare independence.
Gamespot also published three gameplay videos from their multiplayer experience, a total of over three minutes of footage. The videos cover these aspects: trade with Europe, the development of your colonies, and more general empire management. They give a good taste of the interface and music in Colonization.

We hope to add the info from this preview and other recent ones to the Colonization info center sometime soon!

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