Gamespot's Colonization Preview

Another new preview for Colonization has been released on Gamespot, similar to the other detailed hands-on previews by sites like IGN. It contains a few new screenshots in addition to summary and experiences from the game. Here is its conclusion:

If you're looking for a challenging Civ experience, Colonization is it. Management plays a much greater role than combat, and you can't simply fight your way to victory from the very beginning. We'll have more on Colonization soon as we examine multiplayer, community, and mod tools heading toward the September 22 scheduled release date; that is, if we can pry ourselves away from the extremely addictive single-player mode. Just one more turn? Yeah right.
Gamespot has a page of release dates, which seems to indicate the game will come out September 22nd in North America and September 26th across the rest of the world. We'll keep an eye out for an official announcement.

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