Gamespy, Gamespot, and The Escapist Review Colonization

The addition of Gamespy and Gamespot's new reviews, published this week, mean that all the major gaming sites have now released their final thoughts on Civilization IV: Colonization. The Escapist also wrote their review on the game, and together, these three articles should help those undecided buyers make up their minds. Here is what each site had to say:

From Gamespot’s review:


Civilization IV: Colonization is greatly enhanced by its ability to transport you to a specific moment in history. The lush visuals make the land a joy to work, and the mix of indigenous, American, and European music sets the perfect tone...Despite being demanding and time-consuming, Colonization is a great game that benefits from its keen focus, bargain price, and nuanced strategy. Score: 8.0/10
From Gamespy's review:

Players who played Civilization for the decisive combat and fast-paced technological change might be disappointed in Colonization's leisurely pace and emphasis on gradual economic growth. But if you were the type of player who played Civilization like an optimizer, endlessly tweaking the production of every city and maximizing your output, Colonization's in-depth economics will be right up your alley. Score: 4/5
From The Escapist's review:

If you're a fan of the series and the genre and can get over the fact that you are, in essence, paying for a very well polished, Civ4 mod, this will be the best thirty bucks you will spend this holiday season. Otherwise, give it a miss.

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