GOTM Update - Mid October Competitions

The Civ3 and Civ4 GOTM mid-month competions have just begun! Check out the latest Games, Results and Player Standings at the GOTM Main Page.

right[/img]In the latest Civ3 competition, GOTM84, you play as the Iroquois against 13 Warlord level AI - to provide some challenge, the starting position is somewhat ‘austere’. :grinning: You will need to play in Civ3 PTW with the last patch (1.27), but no other mods are required.

Civilization: Iroquois

Rivals: 13 pre-selected.

Barbarians: Sedentary

Difficulty: Warlord

Land Form: Pangaea, 60% ocean, Large map.

Geology:3 billion years old, Arid and Cool.

>> Visit the pre-game discussion thread

>> Go download the starting saves

>> Visit the Civ3 GOTM Forum

In the newest Civ4 competition, BOTM11, the civ is Byzantium and Justinian I is the leader; the ‘No Goody Hut’ option is set. You must play in CIV BTS patched to version 3.17 with HOF mod 3.17.001 installed.

right[/img]Game settings:

Civilization: Byzantium (Leader: Justinian I; Traits: Spiritual, Imperialistic)

Rivals: 6

Difficulty: Warlord

Map: Custom Continents

Mapsize: Standard

Climate: Temperate

Starting Era: Ancient

Speed: Normal

Options: No Goody Huts

Victory Conditions: all enabled

>> Read the pre-game strategy discussion

>> Go download the starting saves

>> Visit the CIV GOTM Forum

There is also a Civ3 Conquests Emperor level game and a Vanilla Civ4 game, each with 2 weeks left for the competition.

Good luck everyone!

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