Hands-On Preview of Civilization Revolution

GameArena.com.au has posted a hands-on preview of Civilization Revolution today. It describes how the early game plays like, the game's controls, and the graphics. The author likes the game's graphics a lot, calling it "bright and colorful" and that the character models are "crisp and clear". As for controls, he thinks they are generally easy to use but a few things such as the way roads are built and citizen assignment could use some improvements.

Below is an excerpt:


I could have easily continued playing all day but alas, preview code must come to an end some time and about 40 minutes in the game simply froze. I hadn’t saved it since about 3 minutes in so I was done.

When it comes out next year it looks like even the hardcore 4X guys like me should enjoy Civilization Revolution. It might be “dumbed down” for consoles but it’s definitely a smarter approach to the genre. It takes the elements of 4X games which turn people away and makes it ultra accessible for new players. The best part is, with Civilization Revolution being as easy to play as it appears I may even find someone to play against me.

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