HistoriCanada Interview on The Armchair Empire

The Armchair Empire has posted an interview with Nathon Gunn of Bitcasters discussing the company's HistoriCanada modpack for Civilization III. The interview talks about how Bitcasters came up with the idea, the gameplay of the mod, why Civ3 was chosen, handling of contentious historical events, use of Civilization as an educational tool, and more. Below is a quote:

If this mod is successful, can you see yourself making others that focus on the history of other regions?

We’ve certainly discussed this at length. There are some places where this is more appropriate than others. We’ve also thought about how some places require different kinds of engines that Civilization. One thing is certain, we believe that by playing the game kids learn that choices have consequences and that can help them see the world as a product of their actions, not the other way around. In this way I think the game is about citizenship, no matter where you live.

Thanks to Jeff Nash of The Armchair Empire for the news tip!
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