HistoriCanada Modpack for Civ3: Episode 1

BitCasters, a media and gaming company, has released “Episode 1: The New World” of HistoriCanada, an ambitious Civilization III modpack about Canadian history. Development of this modpack is sponsored by the Canadian government and Canada’s two national history foundations.


The modpack can be downloaded for free and requires Civ3 Conquest v1.22 or Civ3 Complete to play. Here are the features:

  • 3 scenarios covering 400 years
  • Original soundtrack and hundreds of original art assets
  • 17 civilizations including the French, English, Iroquois, Algonquin and more
  • 600 new Canadian Civilopedia articles
  • 50 original units including Native warriors, British Redcoats and U.S. Cavalry
  • 40 great wonders, from the Bill of Rights to the Grand Trunk Railroad
It should be noted that a couple of modders (aaglo, Kinboat, etc) from the Civ3 modding community created some artwork for the modpack.


The modpack’s primary audience are history teachers and high school students in Canada, but all Civilization fans should find it interesting too. Check it out! :grinning:




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