HOF Challenge Series III

righthttp://hof.civfanatics.net/civ4/images/greatgeneral.jpg[/img]Welcome to the third running of the Civfanatics Hall of Fame Challenge Series.

This series is a collection of 10 games with a time limit of 4 months to complete them (from 19th September 2010 to 19th January 2011). The games are designed to (hopefully) be more defined than the usual gauntlet games and more challenging than a general Hall of Fame game, yet far from impossible to complete.

The winner will be the person who finishes all ten games and collects the most points along the way (10 for 1st in each individual game, down to 1 for 10th).

Questions and comments about the series in general should be directed here.

There are individual threads for each game in the Challenge Series forum.

Progress results for all games can be found here.

All of the games need to be played using version 3 of the BUFFY mod (BUFFY-3.19.003), found here. Standard Hall of Fame Rules apply to all games.

Origineel Artikel: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=380436&goto=newpost