Hof Civ5 Update


The Civilization V Hall of Fame has been updated. 77 games were accepted since the previous update.

Congratulations to steveymer for the highest Firaxis score of the update with a Settler, Time, Quick, Duel, Great Plains, Aztec (Montezuma) [bNW] game for 16740 points.

Dracandross was the most active player during this update, submitting 8 games.

Only 6 players were brave enough to take on Deity this update

Jayhawks - 1900 AD, Turn 320, 2196 points, Deity, Science, Standard, Standard, Archipelago, Spain (Isabella) [bNW]

Jayhawks - 1900 AD, Turn 320, 4495 points, Deity, Diplomacy, Standard, Standard, Continents, Greece (Alexander) [bNW]

Jayhawks - 815 AD, Turn 463, 7440 points, Deity, Domination, Marathon, Standard, Great Plains Plus, Mongolia (Genghis Khan) [bNW]

Jayhawks - 1912 AD, Turn 502, 1825 points, Deity, Culture, Epic, Standard, Archipelago, Polynesia (Kamehameha) [bNW]

Mashenka - 1836 AD, Turn 288, 1849 points, Deity, Science, Standard, Standard, Pangaea, Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar II) [bNW]

mycivs - 970 AD, Turn 494, 5203 points, Deity, Domination, Marathon, Small, Pangaea, Iroquois (Hiawatha) [bNW]

mycivs - 670 BC, Turn 283, 3327 points, Deity, Domination, Marathon, Tiny, Pangaea, Aztec (Montezuma) [bNW]

mycivs - 1728 AD, Turn 759, 4760 points, Deity, Domination, Marathon, Standard, Archipelago, Rome (Augustus Caesar) [bNW]

SpikeSpy - Jan 1958 AD, Turn 1055, 3060 points, Deity, Culture, Marathon, Huge, Ice Age, Polynesia (Kamehameha) [bNW]

SpikeSpy - 1384 AD, Turn 587, 4615 points, Deity, Domination, Marathon, Huge, Ice Age, Byzantium (Theodora) [bNW]

TractorBoy - 1810 AD, Turn 187, 1558 points, Deity, Culture, Quick, Duel, Archipelago, Siam (Ramkhamhaeng)

zenmaster - 2640 BC, Turn 34, 1516 points, Deity, Domination, Standard, Duel, Pangaea, Huns (Attila) [bNW]

Gauntlet Results:

G-Minor LXVIII - Diplomacy, Prince, Standard, Tilted Axis, Standard, Austria (Maria Theresa)

gold.png1st TheMachine -1715 AD T-253

silver.png2nd TyfoonTurk - 1750 AD T-260

bronze.png3rd KingMorgan - 1780 AD T-266

** New Gauntlets Starting **

G-Minor LXIX - Culture, Warlord, Small, Frontier, Standard, Morocco (Ahmad al-Mansur)

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