Hof Civ5 Update


The Civilization V Hall of Fame has been updated. 35 games were accepted since the previous update.

Congratulations to mycivs for the highest Firaxis score of the update with a Prince, Domination, Epic, Duel, Great Plains, Huns (Attila) [bNW] game for 24100 points.

PujolsFan was the most active player during this update, submitting 4 games.dinanipedro was the most active player during this update, submitting 4 games.

Only 3 players were brave enough to take on Deity this update:

dribnairb - 1943 AD, Turn 1024, 2076 points, Deity, Science, Marathon, Huge, Tilted Axis, Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar II) [bNW]

johncparr - 2000 BC, Turn 50, 1110 points, Deity, Domination, Standard, Duel, Pangaea, Huns (Attila) [bNW]

Manpanzee - 1635 AD, Turn 237, 6514 points, Deity, Culture, Standard, Standard, Great Plains, Germany (Bismark) [bNW]

Manpanzee - 1520 AD, Turn 214, 3223 points, Deity, Science, Standard, Standard, Pangaea, Shoshone (Pocatello) [bNW]

Gauntlet Results:

G-Minor CIX - Domination, Chieftain, Standard, Pangaea, Quick, Huns (Attila)

gold.png1st vadalaz - 1300 BC T-45

silver.png2nd mycivs - 840 BC T-54

bronze.png3rd TyfoonTurk - 600 BC T-60

** New Gauntlets Starting **

G-Minor CX - Diplomacy, Prince, Small, Small Continents, Standard, Spain (Isabella) (check options)

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