HOF V Update


The Civilization V Hall of Fame has been updated. 176 games were since the last update.

Congratulations to Phoenix_Reaper for the highest score of the update with a Huge Warlord Time game for 22,643 points.

Crafty1 was the most active player during this update, submitting 40 games.

Only 7 players were brave enough to take on Deity this update:

- 1902 AD, 893 points, Culture, Quick, Duel, Tiny Islands, Ramkhamhaeng

- 1765 AD, 1081 points, Science, Quick, Standard, Inland Sea, Ramkhamhaeng and 1820 AD, 982 points, Culture, Quick, Standard, Pangaea, Ramesses II

- 3310 BC, 13333 points, Domination, Marathon, Duel, Great Plains, Alexander

- 1590 BC, 1866 points, Domination, Marathon, Duel, Pangaea, Bismark

- 1864 AD, 1044 points, Culture, Quick, Duel, Tiny Islands, Ramkhamhaeng and 1510 AD, 930 points, Diplomacy, Quick, Small, Pangaea, Harun al-Rashid

- 1980 AD, 2430 points, Diplomacy, Quick, Duel, Continents, Alexander

- 975 BC, 1800 points, Domination, Standard, Duel, Pangaea, Alexander and 1974 AD, 3921 points, Science, Epic, Duel, Pangaea, Alexander

Gauntlet Results:

[G-Minor III - Domination, Prince, Standard Size, Inland Sea, Epic, any Leader

gold.png1st vexing 2350 BC

silver.png2nd Max M. 2250 BC 3855 Points

bronze.png3rd DaveMcW 2250 BC 2255 Points

** New Gauntlets Starting **

G-Minor IV - Culture, Prince, Standard Size, Small Continents, Standard Speed, Oda Nobunaga

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