IGN: CivWorld "will redefine social gaming."

IGN has posted a review of the upcoming Civilization Facebook game, CivWorld. The previewer raves:

I've covered the Facebook game space since its inception, and CivWorld blows away anything I've seen on the platform. Perhaps that's because it's being developed by Sid Meier himself. 2K says it's his baby, and you can tell. He's created a new experience that still feels like classic Civilization, with all of the strategy and depth that comes with it.
The preview also describes some elements of the gameplay:

You directly control one city, where you can you can assign your population to different jobs such as farmers, workers, scientists, etc. By doing these jobs you earn points in the appropriate categories - food, production, science, culture, etc. Achieving a certain number of points in each of these areas will enable you to complete research, earn great people, grow your population, build up an army, or upgrade your city. This is standard Civilization gameplay, but there are also some elements thrown in to change things up.
You can read the full preview here.

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