Jon Shafer Details Upcoming Patch

In a recent thread on the forums, Pyrkaige noted comments that Jon Shafer, leader designer of Civ5, made on the site Quarter to Three about the status of upcoming Civ5 development. In short, Shafer expects a "big update in a few weeks" that will address the interface and diplomacy, to name a few things. Here are some of his comments:

Hey guys. Just a quick update. Sorry for the recent absence, I've been traveling quite a bit lately.

There are several things which we are looking at improving with Civ 5. Most of my time since getting back has been spent working on the interface, particularly with making more information accessible. These changes will go out with the next big update in a few weeks. The plan is also to make major revisions to the diplomacy system, and while I can’t talk about the details yet, I think you all will find them an improvement. That will be added with an update later this year. Also included will be a number of AI upgrades.

Thanks to all who have purchased the game - the plan is definitely to continue improving the experience for everyone playing. The game isn’t perfect, but we feel good about the foundation laid so far, and expect Civ 5 will stand up with every other game out there and continue to get better over time. I can ensure that I’ll be working on Civ 5 as long as I’m able to.


For more of his responses, mostly addressing topics related to the AI, please see this thread.

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