Lengthy Civ5 Preview on Explicit Gamer

A new, 2000-word Civ5 preview, entitled "Civilization V: What We Know So Far 2.0", has been posted on Explicit Gamer, a follow-up of their earlier preview.

This article does a good job of compiling information from a variety of different sources (including CivFanatics!) on nearly every aspect of Civ5. Here is an excerpt:

The computer players have become much smarter in Civ V. Artificial intelligence (like many other aspects of Civ V) has been redesigned to give a richer, better and less-predictable experience. Computer players now have three tiers of thinking: operational, tactical, and strategic.
The operational AI determines how to use the computer's units on a local level, tactical AI helps determine which battles (and other scenarios) should (or shouldn't) be perused, and the strategic AI manages the empire as a whole. While the AI in previous Civilization games has always “lived in the moment”, the AI in Civ V will always be working towards it's ultimate goal, to win the game.
Each leader has his own personality dictated by “flavor”. This gives each computer controlled leader a unique gameplay style based on historic information on that leader. It is rumored that there are 25 flavors grouped into several categories. Flavors aren't set in stone though, each flavor of a leader will be +/- 2 points at the start of each match.

Additionally, there was an individual posting in the comments about info gleaned from the Civ5 demo at PAX East:

1. Lua will be the scripting language mods in Civ V.
2. Your borders do grow one tile at a time, but not for free. The civ must purchase each tile individually. They also mentioned that if you go for a land grab all of a sudden, the other civs will get angry at you.
3. I'm not sure I would say the ranged units are extremely weak - they did nontrivial damage to the enemies in the battles that were shown to us. Although that could just be for the demo.

For more information on the Lua language, see its Wikipedia article. It is somewhat similar to Python, used in Civ4.

Thanks to keweedsmo for the news tip!

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