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righthttp://forums.civfanatics.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=279036&stc=1&d=1295111 494[/img]Another month is over, and again the modders and artists have achieved great things. Many of the big Civilization 4 mods got a new update, and we even have a new Colonization total conversion mod. And somehow we got a theme for the units this month. Not only that Bakuel, the master of historically correct units, released again some incredible sets of slavic units from the stoneage to the renaissance, so that probably the complete region eastern of poland is covered artwise, no, also Snake_B and Firral have completed the series with russian modern naval and air units. Not russian, but also artwise awesome, is the new Babylon 5 ship pack by Premier Valle, who colours the black Final Frontier universe all alone and does a great job with it. So check the stuff out, and play. Civilization 4 has never been better than now.

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