Mid-Month GOTM Competitions Have Just Started

It is (ok, was) September 15th - the next GOTM's are now out.

righthttp://gotm.civfanatics.net/games/images/gotm71small.jpg[/img]In the Civ3 competition, GOTM71 is our quarterly Large map Game. You’ll play as the Mongols against 13 Deity level AI on a Pangaea map - Fun! If this sounds a little daunting, not to worry - a handicapped save is available where you start with the same amount of free units as the AI. You will need to play in Civ3 Play the World with the last patch (1.27), but no other mods are required.

Civilization: Mongols

Rivals: 13 pre-selected.

Barbarians: Raging

Difficulty: Deity

Land Form: Pangaea, 60% ocean, Large map.

Geology:3 billion years old, Wet and Temperate.

>> Visit the pre-game discussion thread

>> Go download the starting saves

In the Civ4 competition, COTM13 will be played as Spain with Isabella in charge. You must play in Warlords with the latest patch (2.13) and the lastest HOF mod (2.13.001) or the Mac HOF Mod (2.08.005).

righthttp://gotm.civfanatics.net/civ4games/images/wotm13small.jpg[/img]Game settings:

Civilization: Spain (Leader: Isabella; Traits: Spiratual, Expansive)

Rivals: 6

Difficulty: Monarch

Map Settings: Snaky Contintents, Islands, Island Region Separate

Map Script, a small taste of BTS: Big and Small

Climate: Rocky

Water level: Medium

Starting Era: Ancient

Speed: Epic

Options: All Standard

Victory Conditions: all enabled

>> Read the pre-game strategy discussion

>> Go download the starting saves

Good luck everyone!

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