'mod Of The Week' On Facebook & Twitter

The CivFanatics staff is currently looking into ways to increase our presence in social media, particularly on Facebook on Twitter. Our first project of this sort is to feature a "Mod of the Week". We think this is a good way to show what CFC has to offer on the whole and to give specific mods more exposure.

As the title would suggest, every week we will be featuring a mod on our Facebook page and Twitter account, chosen from those submitted for consideration throughout the week. Civ5 mods will likely be featured fortnightly, with Civ4 mods and Civ3 mods being featured in the weeks in between.

In order to have your mod or your favourite mod featured, all you have to do is the following:

  • Visit the ‘Mod of the Week’ thread in the correct C&C subforum - Civ5, Civ4 or Civ3.
  • Follow the instructions therein, posting in 200 words or less a summary of the mod, its features and its significance.
  • Provide links to any relevant discussion/info thread, and to the download.
  • Preferably provide a cover image, screenshot, or other artwork for the mod.

To kick ‘Mod of the Week’ off and provide an example of what we’re looking for, this week’s featured mod is the brand new Civ5 Indian Civilization Pack! See the Facebook post here.

If you have any other ideas for content on our Facebook & Twitter accounts, or if you have miscellaneous content of interest to submit for us to post (e.g. artwork), feel free to post here or let us know via PM.

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