ModCast 36: "His Name Could Be Bob"

right[/img]But should it be? The thirty-sixth episode of ModCast is now netcasting. Entitled "His Name Could Be Bob", it features core panelists Tony "GarretSidzaka" Kiehl, Wouter "Locutus" Snijders, Kenneth "Impaler[WrG]" Ferland and John "bt_oz" Archer with first-time guest co-host "Ekmek"
  • 03m44s | News

The v3.19 patch for Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword released and what this means for modders.

  • 09m14s | Artist Sketchpad

The American Confederate and Union Great Generals by bernie14.

  • 14m05s | Code Corner

The MongooseSDK MOD component by LunarMongoose.

  • 19m38s | Modding Spotlight

Ekmek on his Mare Nostruma MOD for Civilization IV: Colonization, and his leaderhead guide for CivIV: BtS.

ModCast is a bi-weekly audio production in an ongoing effort to give the Civ community an interactive voice on game modding; sibling show PolyCast focuses on Civ strategy and RevCast focuses on Civilization: Revolution.

As always, enjoy. :cool:

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