Modcast Episode 66: "more Or Less Accurate"

right[/img] Give or take. The sixty-sixth episode of ModCast is now netcasting. Entitled "More or Less Accurate" with a runtime of 52m56s, features regular co-hosts Rob "Rob (R8XFT)" Riley, Jan "Janboruta" Boruta and and Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk with returning guest co-host John "Neirai" and first-time guest co-host "Marbozir".

The summary of topics is as follows:

  • 01m57s | Modding Spotlight

From Civilization V modded "Let’s Play"s of the

to his
the up-and-coming Civilization VI and the like, gaming YouTuber "Marbozir" fields questions and discusses views about the Civ series and his involvement in it.
  • 15m49s | Cartography Room

On the release of two CivV civilizations by prolific modders: “The Olmecs” by “Tomatekh” and “Leugi” and “Sukritact’s Nabataean Civilization” (20m48s).

  • 24m04s | Miscellaneous

The influence of flavouring civilization features and leaders in consideration of Civilization V’s Artificial Intelligence, and making predictions about the transition to, from and between CivV and CivVI following the latter’s pending release this fall (28m56s).

ModCast is the first spin-off of the Civ strategy-centric PolyCast; fellow sibling TurnCast focuses on Civ multiplay.

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