New Album By Christopher Tin Released!

Christopher Tin, composer of the theme song to Civ IV 'Baba Yetu', is releasing a new album on May 8th. It's the follow up to his 2-time Grammy winning album 'Calling All Dawns', and is another world music/orchestral fusion album with sing...ers from around the world.

The Drop That Contained the Sea is a song cycle of ten songs around the theme of ‘water’. It’s sung in ten different languages, and features performances by many stars of world and classical music, including Soweto Gospel Choir, Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, Dulce Pontes, Anonymous 4, Schola Cantorum, and many more. Each song is about a different form of water, like snow, rivers, and rain, and is ordered in the way that water flows through the world.

The album was premiered at Carnegie Hall on April 13th to a nearly-sold out crowd. The performance featured a full orchestra and 600 singers, and was preceded by a full performance of ‘Calling All Dawns’ as well.

Here’s a link to a preview track from the album, called ‘Iza Ngomso - “Come Tomorrow”’.…-sneak-preview

Chris also advises that he has a special deal for Civfanatics! People can pre-order autographed limited edition CDs, MP3s, and FLACs here:


If you enter the special code CIVFANATICS, you get $1 off the presale price of CDs, FLACs and MP3s.


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