New Civ-Related Google Earth Plugin

right[/img]CivFanatics forum member chrissifniotis has released a new Civilization-oriented plugin for Google Earth, a free program that allows you to explore satellite images and maps of the globe. The GoogleCiv add-on, pictured to the right, allows individuals to combine reading about historical empires and wonders with visualizing their boundaries and locations.

In this example image of the Aegean Sea, you can read about both historical and Civ4-related facts for the Temple of Artemis, and to the left you can see the checkboxes to toggle the layers for all civilizations. Here is the author’s own description of the plugin’s features:

There are a total of 36 layers encompassing the entire list of playable default civilizations from the series of games, incidently, all but one actually appear in any of the expansions of Civilization IV. Each layer is given a polygon representing the total (usually the maxium) expansion of the empire, the original and authenic title of the territory at the time, and the first created city within the nation.

While not all do, layers also hold locations and histories of wonders, marked as World, National or Religious, and may also hold simple titles to overseas territorial claims, these are for adding terrtory to the empire, such as the colonial empires of the 1500 - 1950’s:

>> Download the GoogleCiv plugin for Google Earth

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