New Civ4 Downloads - 8/04/07

right[/img]Another terrific month of CivIV modding. Over 100 new and updated downloads for Civilization IV, including over 60 units!!! Keep an eye out for patches for your favorite mod or scenario as Firaxis has released patches for every version of CivIV. There are also a lot of XML, python, and SDK modcomps to help enhance everyone’s modding experience.


GRAPHICS MODPACKS CUSTOM CIV – Vanilla and Warlords MODPACK – Vanilla 1.61 MODPACK – Vanilla 1.74 MODPACKS – Warlord 2.08 compatible MODPACKS – BtS 3.02 SCENARIO – Vanilla 1.61 SCENARIO – Warlords 2.08 MODCOMPS – for BtS 3.02 PYTHON MODCOMPS XML MODCOMPS PYTHON AND XML MODCOMP UTILITIES SDK MODCOMPS – BtS 3.02 SDK MODCOMP – Warlords 2.13 and BtS 3.02

Thanks to all of the modders and please continue to announce your new and updated files.

Note: If you would like your new or updated Civ4 file(s) included in this weekly announcement, please visit this thread for details.

>> Civilization IV Downloads

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