New Civ4 Fan Site: Fastmoves

A new Civ4 fan site is in town. Fastmoves is an almost daily updated source for articles on strategy and game mechanics from the Civ4 multiplayer perspective, though the claim is that most of the content is applicable to single player as well. All strategies and concepts are explained and evaluated in the context of specific settings. The self-proclaimed goal of the makers is to convey general concepts and ideas in a coherent, well reasoned way, not to announce "what's good and what's bad" free from any context or without justification.

“We are trying to make the site about civ, we always wanted to browse ourselves, but never could find. Being dedicated multiplayer addicts, we hope to establish a place, where seasoned players can exchange ideas, while those new to multiplayer can be sure that what they read is of high quality and worth exploring for those with a deeper interest for civ”, said jobe, the site’s founder.

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