No PC Version of Civilization Revolution

MTV Multiplayer's Patrick Klepek has written a hands-on preview of Civilization Revolution from the perspective of someone who's totally new to the Civilization series.

In addition to the preview, he also posted another article titled “Take-Two: New ‘Civilization’ Will ‘Never’ Come To PC” in which 2K Games producer Jason Bergman completely ruled out the possibility of a PC version of Civilization Revolution:


This is not a PC game. It’s been designed as a console game. It’s very, very different from Civ4 and we don’t want it to be looked at as Civ5. We don’t want people to think that this is meant to replace the existing Civ games. This is a totally different game, created exclusively for consoles. It is never coming to PC... There was never a mouse interface; it was always designed around a controller
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