Polycast Episode 210: "parsing Every Pixel"

righthttp://civcomm.civfanatics.com/polycast/images/polycast_logo.jpg[/img] Go for zoom. The two-hundred-and-tenth episode of PolyCast, "Parsing Every Pixel", features regular co-hosts Daniel "DanQ" Quick, Philip "TheMeInTeam" Bellew and "MadDjinn" with first-time guest co-hosts "DarkestOnion" and "Eag". Carrying a runtime of 59m59s, the summary of topics is as follows:
  • 00m57s | News

Taking in more and more Civilization: Beyond Earth information from

third livestream from developer Firaxis Games, a "First 100 Turns"
set (18m43s) and the annual
from said developer (25m53s); then, on the delay of the Linux and Mac ports of the game from developer Aspyr Media (29m40s).
  • 32m45s | Senate

Whether or not a rethink on Follower belief preferences for religions in Civilization V is warranted.

  • 42m54s | Forum Talk

How to ground oneself in CivV which is “so vast” and which “good” players are making the switch from it to Beyond Earth.

  • Intro/Outro | Miscellaneous

Order interruptus, legal caution and an unlikely tattoo.

Recording live before a listening audience every other Saturday, PolyCast is a bi-weekly audio production in an ongoing effort to give the Civ community an interactive voice on game strategy; listeners are encouraged to follow the show on Twitter, and check out the YouTube channel for caption capability. Sibling show RevCast focuses on Civilization: Revolution, ModCast on Civ modding, SCivCast on Civ social gaming and TurnCast on Civ multiplay.

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