Questions, Comments And Topics Requested For Polycast Christmas Special 2013

right[/img] Headed by regular co-hosts Daniel "DanQ" Quick, "Makahlua", Philip "TheMeInTeam" Bellew and "MadDjinn", PolyCast is approaching the conclusion to its seventh season. On December 14th, 2013, they will record the show's annual Christmas Special live as have been all episode recordings this calendar year. However, they are need of questions to answer, comments to reflect on and topics to investigate to drive this celebratory stream's content: Civ in nature, strategy/computer gaming in general or even PolyCast specific inquiries are all welcome... you are not limited to just one!

To submit your questions, comments or topics for this purpose in advance, do one of the following:

a) respond accordingly to this thread;

:sunglasses: send an email to;

c) leave a voicemail for free by using Skype to call the show; or

d) leave a voicemail by using your telephone to call the show’s United States-based number – (301) 637-7659 – or United Kingdom-based number: +44 121 288 7659.

In addition, the PolyCast team will also take them live during the recording of the 2013 Christmas Special in the chat room powered by uStream. Help the show’s regular co-hosts prepare for this event by submitting your inquiries in advance. PolyCast is a bi-weekly audio production in an ongoing effort to give the Civ community an interactive voice on game strategy; sibling show ModCast focuses on Civ modding, RevCast focuses on Civilization: Revolution, SCivCast on Civ social gaming and TurnCast on Civ multiplay.

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