Relics in Civilization Revolution

right[/img]An interesting new feature in Civilization Revolution is the relics. There are six of them in the game and they scattered randomly around the world. The first civ to discover a relic will receive a unique bonus, such as a large sum of gold or free temples in your cities. Below are the relics in the game and their bonus:
  • The Ark of Covenant: Discovering the Ark of the Covenant will immediate create a Temple in every one of your cities that does not have one. Cities that already have Temples will immediately receive Cathedrals to replace their Temples.
  • The Seven Cities of Gold: Discovering the Seven Cities of Gold will give an immediate and hefty Gold bonus to your treasury.
  • The Angkor Wat: Discovering Angkor Wat will immediately build a wonder in one of your cities!
  • The Lost City of Atlantis: Discovery of the Lost City of Atlantis Artifact will touch off a golden age of discovery in your Civilization. Your scientists will immediately complete the research on several new technologies.
  • The Knights Templar: Finding the bastion of the Knights Templar immediately grants its discoverer an immensely powerful unit.
  • The School of Confucius: Stumbling across the School of Confucius immediately grants its discoverer access to a slew of Great People!
Fun facts and images related to the relics can be found in the article on the official site.

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