RevCast Episode 30: "Of Extremes Really"

right[/img] Totally. Regular co-hosts Matt "elthrasher" Morgan and "ScottieX" lead the RevCast(RC) panel with first-time guest co-host "REDAF" in its thirtieth episode entitled "Of Extremes Really"; now netcasting, it has a runtime of 29m59s. The summary of topics is as follows:
  • 04m02s | Topic #1

An overview of the Zulus in Civilization: Revolution, the chosen “Civ of the Month”.

  • 07m19s | Topic #2

Pressing the outset Zulu advantage.

  • 11m24s | Topic #3

Acting swiftly as this civilization in the Ancient Era.

  • 17m07s | Topic #4

Steps upon arriving at the Medieval Era as CivRev’s Zulu.

  • 21m17s | Topic #5

The oddity and challenge of the Industrial Era for this civilization.

  • 24m31s | Topic #6

Resigning oneself as leading the Zulu in CivRev’s Modern Era.

  • 26m46s | Topic #7

Defending against the Zulu, biding time to ultimately outpace them.

  • Intro/Outro | Miscellaneous

Fresh faceless names, lurking-to-posting, and the connection between an important mission and rafter dangling.

RevCast is the second spin-off of the Civ strategy-centric PolyCast; the modding-centric ModCast was the first such spin-off. Unlike either of its older siblings, RC has no defined segment categories.

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