Sid Meier on Careers in the Gaming Industry

Building off of a short interview with Sid Meier and others in a Crispy Gamer article, Firaxis has put together page for prospective game industry workers. Under the "Career Advice" section of their website, Firaxis combines some of Sid's thoughts with helpful links to relevant game industry sites. Some of these ideas may not be new for Civilization veterans, but it can't hurt to get these thoughts out there.

Lots of people play games, but having a passion for games means understanding them more deeply. What makes a particular game fun? Why do you like the games you play over and over? What keeps a good game from being a great game? Play all kinds of games - boardgames, card games, and video games - and play them often. But make sure to do your homework first!

An internship in a game company is a great way to see first hand how games are made. It’s a way to get your foot in the door of a company and will give you hands-on experience in the business.

>> View Firaxis’ Career Advice page

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