Sid Meier Q&A on Firaxis' Website

Nearly two years after the latest update, Firaxis has published a new "Ask Sid" feature on their website. Continuing with the old format, this page contains a series of questions-and-answers, pairing email questions from fans with responses by Sid Meier, Firaxis' Director of Creative Development.

In this newest interview, Sid offers his thoughts on five different topics, ranging from educational gaming to possible remakes of older titles. He stops short of announcing Civ5, so don’t hold your breath. :wink: Here is some of what he had to say:


Question: I'm a huge fan of Alpha Centauri and I still find myself playing the game 10 years now after it was first released. Is there any chance of a new Alpha Centauri game or a re-release of this addictive and masterful gem?

Sid: We’re all big Alpha Centauri fans as well. The series is owned by Electronic Arts (we were developing games for them back then), so the ball is in their court on whether or not to make a new version.

Q: Your games can be educational. Do you have any plans to put more emphasis on education?

S: We are in the entertainment business, so our focus is always on fun. We’re thrilled that some of our games have the added bonus of helping people to learn about certain topics, but that is secondary to making sure they are having a fun experience. If we’re faced with a game design decision between making something factually acccurate or tossing accuracy to the wind and making it fun…the fun wins every time.

>> Read the full Q&A with Sid Meier

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