Sid Meier to Give Keynote at GDC 2010

At the upcoming Game Developers Conference in March, Firaxis' Director of Creative Development, Sid Meier, will give the keynote address. Entitled "The Psychology of Game Design (Everything You Know Is Wrong)", Meier's speech will focus on the need to always keep in mind a game's audience and "the psychology of the player".

Here is an excerpt from the overview of the keynote address:

"Gameplay is a psychological experience: it's all in your head. The vagaries of human psychology define your game more than the laws of physics or algebra. Egomania, Paranoia, Delusion - these are tools to be wielded with precision and care. For the player, perception is reality and the center of the universe is right here. As we follow this reasoning to its logical conclusion we discover a number of amazing things, among them: everyone is above average, 2/1 is not equal to 20/10, and the player is his/her own worst enemy."

You can also view a list of the many speakers and events at the conference on this page. Joining Sid Meier at GDC will be fellow Firaxians Seth Spaulding (leading an “Art Director/Lead Artist Roundtable”) and Greg Foertsch (part of an event called “Industry and Academia: In Search of the Love”).

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