Sign-up now for Civ3 SGOTM 14

SGOTM 14 - Humanitarian Portuguese Domination


Henry of Portugal intends to dominate the world, but he also wants to conserve as much as possible of its cultural diversity. Help him to achieve this by signing up for one of the competing Succession Game teams. The sign-up thread is now open for business here.

This is a Demigod game, on a standard archipelago map. Thanks go to Ivan Larkin and CommandoBob for assembling the specification for this game.

The winning laurels will be awarded to the team that reaches a fast Domination victory with the highest “humanitarian” score. Each civilization that is still alive in your victory save will add ten points to your score. Each turn that you take to reach victory will deduct one point from your score.

So sign up now to join this interesting game, scheduled to start on October 18.

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