Sign Up Now For Sgotm 22 - Caput Mundi

SGOTM 22 - Caput Mundi


Sign up NOW for the next Civ4 BtS Succession Game competition, featuring another BSPollux map, administered by AlanH.

You are Julius Caesar. Your destiny is to construct Caput Mundi, the capital of the world. The Roman people trust you to lead them to greatness and build the eternal city. In a world filled with savages and with the cards stacked against you, it won’t be an easy task. You better be prepared for the worst.

The Sign-up Thread is now open, complete with full details of the game scenario, and a Pre-game Discussion Thread is also available.

The SGOTM is on the launch pad! Sign up HERE … NOW to join a team. All Civ4 BtS players are welcome!

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