SOTD27: Russian Shemales? and SOTD28: Not Sure What To Think Here

right[/img]right[/img]Thanks to Silv Something for the left image and McThomas for the one on the right.

“Is Cathrine a shemale or hvad?” (McThomas)

“In addition to Evil Hyphens that are evil, I was playing the Middle Ages scenario and was checking relationships because I’m going for a DP victory, and Louis doesn’t know Isabella is a girl.” (Silv Something)

Once again, two different people submit similar screenshots highlighting a diplomacy error. For some reason, a leader’s response about relations with a third-party does not factor in gender, resulting in these instances of Catherine and Isabella being called male. To get to this part of diplomacy, contact a leader, select “Let’s discuss something else” and then “What do you think of…”.

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