SOTD37: It Was... The War

right[/img]Today's SOTD comes courtesy of fdgsgds:

“It [peace treaty] happened on the same turn as you can see. It’s funny how the Mongols even accepted it after they declared war. Well, that’s one way the Chinese could have not been overtaken by the Mongols…”

For those curious what triggers this random event, here is what ori’s Random Events List has to say:

Event 93: Heroic Gesture
Prerequisite: You are at war and winning
Obsolete: None
Active/Weight: 80/350
1. Nothing
2. You make Peace AND gain +1 Attitude with the opponent

Unlike Event 94, “Great Mediator”, there is no time condition – allowing this event to occur on the same turn as the war declaration. Maybe someone that understands events a bit more can calculate the odds of war and peace happening on the same turn.

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